Charges and Account Information


All jobs are at very competitive rates and a written quote can be provided before commencement if required.  Payment is due at the completion of the job unless prior arrangements have been made.  Payments can either be made with Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit.  Hourly Rates are listed below. Time is measured in 15 minute segments. 

I am now equipped to accept eftpos & credit card payments (AMEX, Visa or MasterCard) in person, at the completion of the job for an additional 2.5 per cent surcharge.


As of January 1, 2008, Top.IT has started charging late fees. On every invoice, customers will see a 'Pay By' date. Leading up to this date, customers will receive a reminder e-mail. If the account is still outstanding after the due date, an overdue notice will be issued. If customers refuse to pay their overdue account, an account processing fee of 20% will be applied to the total of the overdue amount. Top.IT expects the efficient payment of all invoices issued and George should be contacted if this cannot be met.


If further information is required, please find the contact details here or click on the link on the left.